Engineering Tool Supported Collaboration Processes for Web-based Platforms

59fbf6d497a0b.jpg Author Philipp Kipp
Isbn 9783862199686
File size 5MB
Year 2016
Pages 227
Language English
File format PDF
Category Business

Book Description:

In an environment of increasingly short product cycles and steady growth in the service sector, companies' ability to innovate is a key success factor for companies. In order to achieve the necessary innovative capacity, it will be necessary for companies and organizations to develop new sources of product and service ideas. The Internet and especially web-based innovation platforms serve as an effective communication tool to bring together different people and support the development of ideas. Within the framework of the research presented here, the web-based innovation platform "Co-Create Uni Kassel!" was developed. The platform provides an innovative tool that accompanies users through a collaborative process that helps the participants to create simple but original ideas on the platform in valuable and well-designed project proposals. The results of the research carried out show how effective tool-supported collaboration mechanisms are on web-based platforms to improve the quality and degree of elaboration of the ideas developed there.



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